Wednesday, February 21, 2007

January: Shining Our Light I

by Troy Chapman

(published January 07)

Every person is given a light to bring into the world. This is what we’re here for, what our lives are about. Most of us, however, lose track of this light, forget how to keep it lit and often even forget that it exists. This has happened to me again and again to varying degrees. When it does, my life starts to spiral into darkness and I have to find my light and start finding ways to bear it in the world again.

This month we will focus on this task of keeping ourselves turned on and shining in the world. I begin by simply reminding myself that this is my purpose and truest mission in life. I pull back from all the stuff that has distracted me from this mission, all the worries, demands, and alarms that are clamoring for my attention. If I am being a light in the world I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and everything else can wait. This is the truth and I return to it now by simply stopping, taking a breath and bringing it to the front of my mind.

I know that attention is a form of energy that calls forth its object, so I turn my attention to the light within myself. As it grows I look for places in the world around me that need it. I commit myself, the content of my words, thoughts, and actions, to the task of expressing light in its many forms. These include self-kindness, kindness to others, goodwill, good humor, joy, hope, faith, and love. I will try to find ways each day this month to become these things in the world.