Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Year in Spirit

by Troy Chapman

(published November 06)

What if the world we live in is a reflection of what we focus our attention on, of what we honor, celebrate, and think about most? Is it really so farfetched an idea? We are a culture obsessed with evil, danger, and materialism and our world is becoming more plagued by these things with each passing day. We tend to believe that we’re obsessed with them because they’re growing, but what if it’s the other way ’round: They’re growing because we’re obsessed with them, because we keep feeding them our energy?

I was thinking about this and imagining how different the world might be if we fed the things we love rather than the things we fear. I envisioned a culture in which goodness, connectedness, and life are celebrated in meaningful and tangible ways, in which the energy of our lives is expended in living deeply rather than in endless war.

This vision gave birth to the idea of honoring an aspect of connected living each month, by focusing on it, celebrating it, and lifting it up in the world. I’m calling it The Year in Spirit and I see it as a way of reclaiming my spiritual energy and attention from a world that is frantically trying to direct this valuable and powerful resource to sick ends. Attention is spiritual currency and I want to spend mine on things I value, on things that will leave me not poorer, but richer when all is said and done.

I agree with Charles Bowden that we already know more than we’ll ever understand. I’m more in need of remembering what I already know on a daily basis than I am of learning anything new. And that’s what this amounts to, a way of remembering.

I invite you to join me if you’re so inclined. Each month I’ll send out a meditation reading, suggested ideas for ways to honor and uplift that month’s focus, and commentary on my personal experience with it. Even though we’re already into November, we’ll start there.