Sunday, October 7, 2007


by Troy Chapman

Well, this is the last month of our Year in Spirit conversation and I think I want to talk about listening. Everyone and everything in life has a story to tell, each in its own beautiful language, and listening is a call for service to life as well as to ourselves.

We can listen to nature and learn how to be more deeply connected and how to live in good ways with the earth. We can listen to animals and learn about simplicity and courage. We can listen to each other and learn that we’re not alone.

I’ve noticed in my busyness that I often send out the message, “Don’t bother me right now. I haven’t got time for it.” And sometimes it seems people are just aching to tell me things and I feel like I’m missing something important.

So I want to practice listening this month. I’ll say to the world, “Tell me something about yourself. A memory, a story, something you believe in, or something you love.” And I’ll share the stories I hear.

But I also want to direct this question to you: Tell me something about yourself or a story you heard from life.

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Sid Leavitt said...

I'm listening. I'm sure others are, too. Telling is more difficult, but we'll get around to it. Which I'm sure you already know.

For this and your other essays, thank you again.