Saturday, January 5, 2008

If I Had A Wish

by Troy Chapman

If I had one wish, I wouldn’t spend it on world peace, or ending poverty or ending violence or any of a long list of other things that come up when we think about how our world could be better. No, if I had just one wish that I knew would come true I would wish for more wisdom on Earth. Even if it couldn’t happen right away, I would wish that human beings everywhere would begin to seek wisdom, to value it above all else in life and to encourage each other at every turn to seek it diligently.

I would wish for wisdom instead of any of these other good things because I know that, without wisdom, no other good thing can last. If we could somehow end all violence on Earth right now, for example, how long do you think it would last? The same is true of all other like examples. What the world needs most at this moment in history and what each and every one of us needs personally is more wisdom in our world.

Thinking about this led me down a trail of questions about wisdom. What exactly is it? How do we think about it personally and culturally? Where does it come from and why isn’t there more of it in our culture and in the world? Above all, if we believe that more wisdom is needed in our world, what can ordinary people like you and me do to bring that about?

As to this last question, I think we can do a lot. The first thing we can do is begin a dialog, start talking to each other and trying to be more wise in our own lives. I want to do both of these things and I encourage you to join me. If we can increase the wisdom on Earth by so much as a smidgen, the effort will be worth it. And I think we can manage a smidgen, can’t we?

Gouache by Troy Chapman


Richard said...

Your one wish is a good one. Wisdom is the solution for everything that ails mankind. Like you say, without it, everything falls apart

tomispev said...

Ha... I found you. Another person who prays for wisdom.

Anonymous said...

You made want to write a blog.