Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wise Thing to Do

by Troy Chapman

Inside each of us is a voice that whispers wisdom. It’s our own personal wise spirit and is constantly calling to us to step into our better selves and live from there.

Mine speaks most often not in intellectual or philosophical complexities, but in the simple impulse to do good, to make the world a little better with some small act of kindness.

I haven’t always recognized this as the voice of wisdom. I guess in looking for wisdom I was expecting something profound, something deep and, well, to be honest, something that didn’t sound so much like my own voice saying things as mundane as “you should send him a card.”

I hear stuff like that all the time. In fact, the other day I had several of these urgings in a row and I did what I usually do: I filed them away and went about my business, knowing I would forget most if not all of them by day’s end. Then something unusual happened. I chastised myself for simply filing these urgings. This is when it occurred to me that this is the voice of wisdom speaking and I asked myself why I so habitually brush it aside.

There are countless reasons: I’m busy; it’s too much effort; I’m doing more important things, etc. But I know that none of these are legit. So, I took out a piece of paper and wrote down the three things that occurred to me that time, and I’ve done two of them — thanking people for anonymous services they provide and for which I know they seldom receive thanks.

I’ve also made a commitment to listen more closely to these leadings and to this leader within and to encourage others to seek and listen to this leader as well. It’s too easy to think these little things won’t make any difference, that they’re naïve. If they are, then so is wisdom, and I’m not buying that.

So the next time this voice speaks to you, listen and act on what it tells you, no matter how small a thing it might be. It’s the wise thing to do.

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Richard said...

Those are good words ... wise, profound ... and helpful words .. In my own walk, sometimes I'll pause, when I see I'm about to respond in a knee jerk manner, when I'm on automatic, and 'wait upon the Lord' to say or do something better; or say what I'm saying in a more helpful way. If I merely pause, and allow my higher self to say or do the responding, I too benefit. It's like the Inner Teacher is not only leading me to say or do what is good for the other, but for me as well..... Richard gross