Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I received a letter from the governor’s office reading:

The parole board has completed its review of your self-initiated application for pardon or commutation of sentence and forwarded its determination to the governor. Based on the parole board’s recommendation the governor has denied your application.
I’m not sure what they’d want me to do to increase my chances. I thought about writing the governor’s office with this question, but will run it by our lawyer John first.

As to how I feel? Well, certainly disappointed. Dispirited is probably a more accurate description. Determined also, though, to keep living to what I hold true.

We will file again with them once the legal time limit has passed. Meanwhile, I will try to rubberize myself so I can bounce. We’ll discuss where to go next. I need to do the same with my personal work as I’ve been sort of floating on that as I’ve been awaiting the decision.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. Never underestimate what that means to me and Maryann and know that it makes a world of difference.

Other than that, it’s rainy and cold here today and for the next few days. Weather to match this mood, I guess. Of course, to continue this metaphor, it is spring, and after the rain, sun and warmer days and renewal will come. Are coming, even now. More later.


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Judy said...

Dear Troy,
Your reaction sounds very balanced and normal, certainly balanced toward the more positive side compared to most receiving this kind of news. We love the metaphor of being rubberized to increase bounce and will hold on to that image for better resiliency in our own lives. Very good to hear that you will move forward with the goal of release, and that you remain committed to ongoing work and writing on behalf of so many.
Judy and Jim