Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where the Temple Is

by Troy Chapman

A woman went looking for God. Instead she met a man and fell in love. They spent their lives together, raised and loved their children, suffered together, shared joy and sorrow, prosperity and want, good times and bad. Through the years they built community, served the poor, the elderly, and the downtrodden with open hearts.

In old age, the woman said to herself, “I’ve led a good life. My only regret is that I abandoned my search for God — that I had to choose between that life and the one I eventually led.”

When she died and her spirit arrived in heaven, she confessed this regret to God. God said, “What are you talking about? You went looking for me and found love. Don’t you know that this is my face? What you thought was a distraction from me — the mundane and ordinary details of your life — has always been your temple. Did you honor this temple?”

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